Thursday, August 22, 2019
PHS Basketball Team at State Finals Tournament

 Trent Williams at AHSAA 3-Point Shoot-Out Semi-Finals
Updates from Birmingham

02/24/09 10:15pm - A couple of hours and the demolition of wings, fries and other food has allowed the team to absorb the day better.  Talk is already stiring of baseball, track, Senior trip, and college for the Seniors.  Tomorrow will find new goals to conquer.

02/24/09 8:30pm - Team has seen enough of the hotel after being in all day and decides to get out for dinner.  Wings in Hoover is the place.

02/24/09 8:00pm - Team left the locker room.  A number of friends and family are waiting for them in the concourse of the BJCC.  Lots of hugs and friendly reassurances of how proud everyone is of this team.  A few smiles emerge.  The University of West Alabama basketball coach is visiting with some of the players as well.

02/24/09 7:45pm - Locker room is quiet but emotional.  The pain is obvious on the faces of the players and the coaches.  Not the game they had hoped for but not for lack of effort.  Plenty of hugs and appreciation of teammates.  Disappointed but still classy group of guys.

02/24/09 7:15pm - Well, the Phillips boys never could close the gap.  They fought hard to the end, just not their night.  Loachopoka played great. 

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th  T 
Loachapoka 17 14 16 30 77
Phillips 12 12 12 16 52

02/24/09 6:15pm - The outside shots are not falling for PHS and Loachapoka has been red hot.  Still Phillips is in the game despite a clear size advantage to Loachapoka.

02/24/09 5:30pm - Game Time!  There appear to be about twice and many fans in the stands from Bear Creek than Loachapoka.  Lots of enthusiasm!

02/24/09 5:00pm - The team is in the locker room.  They are fairly quiet, seemingly more reflective than nervous.   They are allowed to go sit in the BJCC for 3rd quarter of the 1A girls game.  Large crowd of PHS fans on hand, as well as the cheerleaders and the pep band!

02/24/09 4:15pm - The team is watching film in the coach's room.  They've seen enough of their hotel rooms are an ready to get to the BJCC.

02/24/09 3:00pm - The team had a light lunch at the hotel and are now all resting in their rooms.

02/23/09 10:00pm - Steve Fleming brought the team dinner at the hotel. All enjoyed the pizza, wings and cookies. Andy seemed to particularly enjoy the wings. Curfew is 10:30pm. The Sheraton is abuzz with basketball teams and an apparent state DECA convention. So high school kids are everywhere in the hotel. The team likes the hotel. It is a very nice place.

Steve is bringing breakfast for the team at 9am on Tuesday then the team plans a walk through at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame Museum. Lunch will be at 12:30pm and a fruit snack around 4pm.

02/23/09 8:00pm - The team had a comfortable workout at the Shades Mountain Baptist Church gym for about an hour. The did some warm-up drills and shooting. The team seemed focused but loose. Coach Veal was not as loose but was trying. All seem very excited.



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