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Incredible Fishing!

Bear Creek is home to the Upper Bear Creek Reservoir, part of the Bear Creek Lakes System.

Fishermen find large black and spotted bass at 3.5 times larger than the state average.

Upper Bear Creek Reservoir is known best for its black bass (largemouth and spotted) fishing, but crappie fishing, catfishing and bream fishing are good too. The lake is renowned for its trophy bass fishing.

Fish over 5 pounds are common, with 8 pound and larger bass being taken each year.

According to the 1995-2005 Alabama B.A.I.T. reports, Upper Bear has been ranked first-5 times and second-3 times, for the least number of angling hours exerted to catch a bass in excess of 5 pounds.

In 2005, it took an average of 114 tournament-angler hours to catch a bass over 5 pounds, ranking it number 1 in Alabama.

Permit and License Info

Public access areas at Twin Forks (as well as other Bear Creek Watershed areas of Mon Dye, Quarter Creek, and Batestown) and the one campground (Twin Forks) service the reservoir.

A BCDA permit ($3.25/day or $22/year) is required in addition to, when fishing, an Alabama state fishing license. BCDA Permits are available at local stores, gas stations and bait shops.  In the Town of Bear Creek, BCDA Permits can be purchased at:

Phillips 66
(205) 486-3842
Mon-Sun 5am to 9pm

Coops Bears Den
(205) 486-8745
Mon-Sat 5:30am to 7pm
Sunday 8am to 6pm

BCDA Permits are NOT required for the Twin Forks Campground (which is leased and operated by the Town of Bear Creek). Permits are still required, however, to use the surrounding recreational areas and any activities on the lake.

Twin Forks Campgrounds

Near the Twin Forks Recreation Area is the Twin Forks Campground. The campground features:

  • 74 recently improved campsites with water and electricity
  • 3 Bathhouses
  • Dump station

Campers enjoy easy access to recreation, swimming, boating and fishing!

Twin Forks Recreation Area

Twin Forks Recreation Area is a great place for a relaxing day with the family or special group events. Features include:

  • Three baseball fields
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Outdoor basketball court
  • Playground
  • Outdoor covered stage (with electricity)
  • Picnic areas
  • Paved walking trail

Come enjoy the day with us!










Did You Know?

The Bear Creek Floatway is a popular spot for teaching first-timers to negotiate rapids and work with the current.


Bear Creek Floatway

Bear CreekA 30 mile float stream helps to make The Bear Creek Floatway one of the best trips a canoeist can take in Alabama.

Special releases from Upper Bear Creek Dam make the Bear Creek canoeable during the summer months when most other creeks dependent upon natural flows are not.  These releases are made to provide adequate flow on all weekends and holidays, Memorial Day through Labor Day. Releases shut off at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.

If traveling long distances, please call ahead to check current conditions.

The Bear Creek Floatway is a popular spot for teaching first-timers to negotiate rapids and work with the current. The Floatway is considered a Class I course with exceptions.

Take special note: Upper Factory Falls and Lower Factory Falls are Class VI and are dangerous.

Access is allowed at designated points only. 

If interested in an organized trip down Bear Creek, visit Bear Creek Canoe Run.


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